Friday, July 2, 2010

My Holiday Tour!

After my III year, II semester we got holidays for about 50 days, I planned to Join ACE academy, Hyderabad for GATE coaching 'again' (I've already took that coaching after my 2-2) but due to some financial issues I had to drop back.. I had no other ways to spend these holidays then, tried CPTP coaching in a local institute here, but discontinued it after the 3rd day! I had other plans to continue my Gym, only if I could stay at home in the holidays, so in the evenings went to Gym regularly. On a fine day my Gym master told that we would tour to Laknavaram and Ramappa (tourist places here, about 95km away from my home) if everyone wishes to, this tour took life when five of my mates including Prasad, the gym master decide for it.

I am much happier with this plan, because I hope that I am the only boy in our class who never visited Laknavaram before (almost all my mates went to Laknawaram one day, bunking the classes of course! but I didn't that time) So I am really excited and waiting anxiously for that day and it happened to be on 29th June. Its a journey for about 2 hours on road to Laknavaram, we've reached there by 9 in the morning but is our bad luck that the place was so dry (i.e, it is a river with a beautiful bridge built across it) have a look at it..Look at my back there is no water in the river at all, its really so dry..

Okay, let me introduce my Gym mates who were a part of this tour.. Here they are


Now, pictures says it all..

Hmmm, I really enjoyed it a lot :-) :-)

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